7 Things to do Every Morning to Make You Feel Great the Rest of the Day 

As much as it is important to have a nutritious breakfast every morning and wake up with a clear mind, it is important to make sure your day goes the same way.

We all know that it is not possible to surround ourselves with positivity all the time; however, where it is not in our hands to lift our mood in seconds, there are still some things that we can be apply every morning to give our day a fresh and healthy start.

This article will discuss seven essential things to do in the morning that will make you feel great the rest of the day.

1. Plan your day.

Planning your day can bring a bunch of improvements to it

Dedicate a notebook to record your everyday tasks in. Write everything you need to get done that day. You can think it over while brushing your teeth. Don’t go to great lengths with the responsibilities. Keep it light and doable. Map out the important tasks, and to make it easier, you can create subsections to them. This will help to organize your thoughts.

2. Restore the hydration

Throughout the night, your body stays dehydrated, and it is mandatory to restore it first thing in the morning.

Add mint, ice, lemon, or cucumbers to your water to make it extra refreshing! It will open those shut doors of your brain and make you think clearly.

3. Meditate!

Wake up 30 minutes early than usual and try meditating!

It is like an inner spa. Meditation clears your mind, lets you organize your thoughts, and helps you think creatively. If you’re a crafty person, you should start journaling in the morning, even if it’s on a small or half-page — a perfect way to let your thoughts drive through a new and creative road.

4. Exercise

Exercising in the morning will bring your body into action to take you through most of the day with vast activeness. Go out in the sun and run in the fresh air.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast and drink coffee

As cliché as it sounds, the statement holds equal power. Having a nutritious breakfast can make your mind feel fresh and eliminate laziness for the day.

Take your caffeine in the morning, and a recent study has shown that it has health benefits on your body (if taken in an appropriate amount). It makes you feel less lazy, and you will look forward to getting your tasks completed.

It is a known and acknowledged fact that the nature of your day entirely depends on how you choose to start the engine

6. Give your family and friends some time in the morning

Indeed, talking to someone you are comfortable and close with will do your day wonders. Have breakfast with your family, tell them about your thoughts and listen to theirs. Communicating in the morning is the best. You can also work-out with a friend, maybe start to run together, talk your thoughts out, laugh, and grab some coffee. It allows you to be open with your thoughts and if you are not in a good place, sharing them with people really helps.

7. Try to make someone's day better

There is no doubt in the fact that making someone smile helps you a lot mentally too. It makes you feel good about yourself, and helping others is always fun.

Compliment someone or buy someone in need a breakfast; the options are endless.


Opportunities come to us every day; we should learn to seize them. Start your mornings well, and your day will follow this lead. Don’t be so hard on yourself and go with the flow! Remember, not every day has to be perfect.

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