5 Skincare Hacks to Help You Look Your Best

Skin is the most essential and exposed part of the human body. In our daily routine, the skin is the most targeted organ to hazardous ultraviolet rays, dust, pollens, allergens, and bacteria. These can cause numerous skin problems, including acne, rashes, sunburn, and various skin infections.

These problems can ultimately lead to depression and anxiety. So skin is the largest barrier against infections, and healthy skin is crucial to maintaining both physical and mental health.

Here we discuss some hacks to attain better skin, not only to help you look good but also to keep you safe from diseases and defend you from infections.

1. Role of Water in skincare routine

An adult human body is 60% water, with the plasma in your blood comprising 90% water. Water is the most basic and natural solution to keep skin hydrated and it helps in flushing out toxins. Drinking enough water works magic for the skin. These are just some of the benefits:

  • Reducing ageing effects
  • Maintain a balanced pH
  • Preventing acne
  • Reducing puffiness
  • Improving skin tone

The inclusion of drinking sufficient water as part of your daily skincare routine is thus pivotal to attaining good, healthy skin.

2. Role of food in skincare routine

Food is the compulsory element in the survival of human beings and eating a balanced and healthy diet helps you prevent skin issues.

So, treat your skin kindly by optimizing your nutrition and taking a diet rich in antioxidants. Minerals, antioxidants and vitamins rich food like fruits, vegetables and healthy fats are essential and are associated with fewer wrinkles and less age-related dryness.

  • Fruits rich with vitamin C produce collagen, which strengthens the capillaries supplying blood to the skin and helps in achieving glowing skin.
  • Diets high in vitamins and low in fats and carbohydrates help to keep skin even-toned and smooth.

3. Role of cleansing the skin

Regular cleansing is important to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and glowing. Cleansing helps keep skin clean by removing dirt, sweat, excess sebum, cosmetics, bacteria and infectious agents. Lukewarm water is the best agent to cleanse your skin as it helps maintain

  • pH of skin
  • proper pore size
  • prevents the production of excess oil

4. Role of meditation in skincare

Constructive meditation slows down the process of ageing. It helps look younger and fresh. Meditation improves the amount of oxygen in your body, renewing your skin, harmonizing your mind and body, and changing the cells and tissues of your body.

It improves complexion, reduces wrinkles, enhances the glow and slows down the ageing process from the inside out.

5. Role of sleep in skincare

Sleep is the closest thing to a fountain of youth when it comes to beauty. 

During sleep, the skin repairs itself to minimize the effects of sunburn, and it increases the blood flow to the skin, helping it glow; sleeping before midnight and taking in adequate sleep from 7 to 9 hours helps in maintaining good skin and reduces the chances of swollen eyes and dark circles.

Look beyond filling your vanity with the latest skin-cade products. Look at the new healthy-skin practices that you can introduce into your everyday routine for the finest complexion.


Proper skin care is important. By following a simple skincare routine, you can achieve flawless, healthy skin that will add positive traits & confidence to your personality. 

This will ultimately lead to living a healthy life. 

Health brings happiness & being happy is the greatest key to influencing yourself and others in the most positive way.



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